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No matter where you live, you can help!  If you feel called to become a team member please email Roy and me atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know. We have 2 teams: Mission Minded builds kits and ships our medical supplies while our Sewing Team makes the Feminine Hygiene kits, baby blankets, tote bags.  Below are ways you can pitch in.  Just a few hours a month could provide immeasurable assistance to our ministry.
 1.   Help collect the materials we need to create our kits.
Birthing Kits: (monetary donation of $10)
Collecting Stuff (bulb syringes, feminine napkins, diapers, prenatal vitamins, travel-size baby powder)
Making Baby Blankets/Cocoons, baby caps
Feminine Hygiene Kits:
Collecting stuff (flannel, girls undies sizes 8-14, washcloths, gallon ziplock bags)
Power Packs:(monetary donation of $25)
Sewing & Stuffing dolls
Collecting Stuff (flip-flops, school & grooming supplies, children's chewable vitamins, coloring books & crayons, pocket bible or bible story books for the wee ones, dictionary and data calculators for the older kids)
Women’s Totes:  (monetary donation of $20)
Sewing or providing tote bags; Collecting stuff (journals, manicure & sewing kits, lipstick and nail polish, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, women's daily vitamins, devotionals, slipper socks, sample sizes of shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, perfume etc.)
Men’s Grooming Bags:  (monetary donation of $20)
Collecting stuff (nail Clippers, hand wipes, ties, black socks, ball cap, comb, toothbrush. razor, sample sizes of shampoo, shaving crème, after shave, toothpaste)
Missionary Treats: (monetary donation of $40)
Sewing, quilting, knitting or crocheting lap blankets, cozy socks and/or slippers, E-readers)
Collecting Stuff: seasoning packets (spaghetti, chili etc), small games, playing cards, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda
Media: As your friends, coworkers and family discard an older model device please consider donating it to ESM for our missionaries. Collecting Stuff: Kindles, Kindle Fire, Tablets, Laptops, Flat Screens, Keyboards.
 2.  Help withWork with restaurants, home parties or individuals to raise money for specific projects or for ESM in general.
 Projects to choose from:
Kids4School: The Kids for School Project, provides a female breeding goats to orphans and vulnerable children throughout rural Kenya. As higher education in Kenya & Uganda is done at boarding schools, many families are unable to send their children. Female breeding goats allows a family to build a herd to sell for schooling. Purchase a female goat for $70 

Child sponsorship: (all sponsorships include a one-year commitment)
~ Sponsor a child at Hope Children’s Home in Kaliti, Uganda for one year at $35/month offering a child   schooling & lunch
~ Sponsor a child at Bungoma Children’s Home in Bungoma, Kenyafor one year at $65/month offering a child schooling, clothes, 3 meals & a home at the staffed orphanage or sponsor a child’s home care only for $35/month.
~ Sponsor a child at Brydges Children’s Home inNairobi, Kenya for one year at $35/month
~ Sponsor a child’s education for Bungoma Children’s Home. We receive any amount up to $800/year
The Esther Project: Provide a new home for a Kenyan widow giving her a tin roof, outside kitchen, living and bedroom. We receive any donation up to $750 per home.
~ Sponsor a single mother by providing a mosquito net for $10
Freedom for Girls: FFG provides sanitary towels, panties & a health education pamphlet to venerable schoolgirls.  The need for the project came after the realization that many girls miss 4-5 days or school every month during menstruation, causing many girls to miss tests, lose their place in school.  This option allows them to stay in class and pass on to the next grade.  Each kit provide 18 months of hygiene for $20.

3.  Help with our on-line resource page: Help us find resources for missionary needs by spending a few hours a month looking up information on-line:
  - Recruit team members (builders, doctors, nurses, well-diggers, evangelists) for travel teams or internships.
  - Come join our Missions Minded or Sewing teams! There is never a dull moment and you are welcome!

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