Serving Those Serving Others

  • New Beginnings....

    This year Roy & I see the extension of the tent pegs as ESM moves into additional countries through serving more missionaries. Serving Missionaries is our main focus. They are the boots on the ground; our hero's for revival in the Nations and a great Harvest.
  • Loving Others.

    A heart for loving missionaries. Eden’s Song desires to live out Jesus’ command to love God and love others by participating in your lives and what you do. Jesus wants to speak truth and encouragement through our mouths. He wants to use our feet to walk where others dare to tread. He longs to use our hands to serve with compassion. Mother Teresa said, "I see Jesus in every human being. I say to myself, this is hungry Jesus, I must feed him. This is sick Jesus. This one has leprosy or gangrene...I serve because I love Jesus." Eden’s Song & You - Jesus with skin on.
  • Serving Others.

    A heart for serving missionaries. Eden’s Song mission statement is Serving Those Serving Others. We accomplish that by networking missionaries with the products, companies and people needed to create self--sufficient lifestyles for the people they serve as well as by providing services and supplies missionaries need to take on their short or long term mission trips.
  • Reaching Others.

    A heart for reaching missionaries. Eden’s Song emulates the Father's heart for all missionaries in all countries. Deb and her husband Roy co-founded Eden’s Song in 2006 out of a desire to empower the people of every nation through the hands of the missionaries. It has since developed into an on-line, diverse center offering ease and accessibility for missionaries around the world. Eden’s Song gives missionaries the ability to share valuable resources.

January 2019 Newsletter

We are looking forward to what God has in store for missions this year.  Whether you are a full-time or part-time missionary, missions ministry or support from home there is interesting news in our letters.  Thank you for taking the time to look through our website at the programs, projects and resources ESM has available.

Download: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 (General) 

Darrell Blatchley - Child Evangelism Manuals

Child Evangelism Manuals:

These manuals were created in the Philippines by the Family Circus Children's Ministry team to help with the churches' biggest challenge - to bring in the King’s Tender Harvest.

We recognize that some churches do not have the financial resources found in other more developed countries. As a result, the lessons are hand-tailored to be reproduced in remote areas as well as in larger cities. Each lesson is designed to be used both in churches, and on the street.

If you have a heart to reach the children, these manuals are for you. Perhaps you have found working with children to be an intimidating, tiring task, not knowing how to do it.   These manuals are intended to be your friend. If you follow the patterns, you will find a new excitement, as it becomes clear that the children are reachable.  You can do it and have fun at the same time.

Our prayer is that you will find these manuals to be a very useful tool in helping children to come to Jesus. When our King said, "Let the little children come to me." Matthew 19:14, He intended for the church to obey by bringing Him the children.   $20 for each manual/$10 Praise & Worship CD


You may visit the website for more information and to order at:


 Child Evangelism Manual CONTENTS:


  • 1 Leader's Manual. Includes 13 lesson plans in a convenient three-ring binder (or spiral bound)
  • 1 CD ROM with a .PDF file of all lesson information and pictures for PowerPoint presentations
  • 1 Kids Praise & Worship Tape - This includes the Family Circus theme song plus new kids scripture music.
  • Life Application Stories in black & white. You may color these pictures, photocopy or trace them onto transparencies, or project them onto a poster sized paper.


 Some Child Evangelism Manuals include the following SPECIAL PAGES:


  • Family Circus Club Bonus Bucks.
  • Puppeting Instructions
  • Basic Puppet Stage Construction
  • List of Memory Verses and - Flash Points.
  • Other resources, available on request, such as international quality, low cost people puppets, CD containing all lessons, and further information.


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