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Scott Hanson - Live/Dead Journal

Live Dead Journal
by Dick Brogden, Austin Evans (Illustrator), Gabe Tenneson (Illustrator), Josh Tenneson (Illustrator), Scott Hanson (Photographer)

To live dead is to live wholly for Jesus. To die to self, knowing God will do a greater work through you. To announce the life of God among those people who are unreached. This journal, in 30 daily meditations, examines character-based mission among those unengaged by the gospel. Each day includes an informed way to pray for an unreached people in east Africa and a challenge to live and die for Jesus in order that he might be made famous among all peoples of the earth.

 Live Dead is a non-profit organization made up of Christian workers serving in East Africa and aims to touch the physical and spiritual aspects plaguing the lives of people in that region of the world. The most labor-intensive piece was by far the Live Dead Journal: a 30 day devotional book written by workers from East Africa. The book is for sale on Amazon, click here to purchase your copy.

 To see how you can get involved with Live Dead, visit www.live-dead.org.   

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