Missionary Resources

This side of the website is for our missionaries! Everything we do is for YOU. We have many donors that allow us the ability to offer you so many products to take with you on your trips for those you are serving! Our merchandise can even help missionaries that are leading local outreaches!
We ship anywhere within the United States for you to transport through your teams.
Click on Mission’s-Minded to learn about the team serving you, the Medical Supplies and Kits & Programs we offer.
Choose the link to Your Resource Center to find a multitude of resource links.
Natural Home Remedies gives you recipes from your garden or kitchen cupboards.
Media 4 Missionaries provides your technological products available to you.
As always, we love hearing from you! If you have a need, a suggestion or an idea that would enhance the products we offer please let us know. We appreciate your email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Online Donation

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