Computer Vocational Center

Computer centers are distributed through missionaries to orphanages for school work & women's centers to assist widows and single mom's learn a job skill; both creating self-sufficiency. 
We must have sufficient information on where these are being set up and what their use will be. If at all possible, we request pictures once they are arranged.
The computers are small & light weight enough to fit in a suitcase, along with a flat screen, keyboard and mouse. 

From a dear man evangelizing college students for the Lord and encouraging them in the purity of the Spirit.  July 2012

Dear Roy & Deb,

Sometimes we never really understand why God decides to favour some people in certain ways. Every time I think of this am left speechless and yet deep down my heart reverberates the question why me? Why me?

Well, today the 24th of July 2012 the Lord’s favour has hit me again (not that I didn’t have it before). A “new” Laptop with an extra battery was delivered to my desk courtesy of you. From the description of Roy you would think this must have been an old computer but No Way. This wasn’t and isn’t an old computer. It’s new, really new. It’s super, widescreen, high speed, clear sound, 2 gig RAM and Big HD space. Ummm, amazing. I was saving some little money to buy one. The Holy Spirit prompts me to write to Roy and guess what? He’s like brother I have a machine that I could donate to you. Am like you are kidding and he’s like no, am not. It’s here. I could send it to you. And to his word it was sent through my pastor. Today am a proud owner of this compact laptop. Wow, God you are great.

Preceeding this gift of a Laptop were other amazing prizes. Roy and Deb had blessed me with an ipod, mini woofer, battery charger and batteries, and three DVDs for teaching purposes.

Roy and Deb, am so grateful to God for you. You treat me like your own son. I pray God blesses you and expands your ministry. I am a beneficiary of your kind work in this Kingdom of our God.

I love you and pray for you.

James Okurut


Dear James,

It is very much an honor for us to serve the commanders in God's last day's Army! Participating in God's plan for my life has me meeting my spiritual children and being able to supply them with the tools they need for battle. What a great life! It really doesn't get  much better....doing what I love to do for the children I truly love! James, it's an honor to be of service to you and your letter touched our hearts deeply. James you are our son and we are constantly meeting your brothers and sisters. We don't have any physical children, but God has given us many wonderful children in Africa and around the world. We are humbled by these wonderful children who will lead the greatest revival and harvest the world has ever know! To play a small part is a great honor for us!

We Love you Son!

Roy and Deb

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