Meet our team that works endlessly to provide the medical supplies and kits for you to take to those you are serving! Though the team itself is vibrant and moves as the Spirit leads, we have leaders that are committed to keeping the kits up to date, age appropriate and fresh!

Dennis & Carolyn Peterson collect all the medical supplies, sort and organize them & make sure they are shipped to the correct teams. Carolyn is also the Director of Fundraising scheduling all our fundraisers, collecting all the items for our yearly auction and getting our name out in the community.

Mechelle Smith is our Production Manager: overseeing the teams as they assemble the kits as well as keeping up the inventory, collecting donations, and scheduling shipments.
Alberta Grogan & Toby Martin not only assist us at the Blessing Barn but also lead, host and guide the sewing team. Alberta is also in charge of the sewing projects & coordinates our local team as well as those in other states.
There are numerous others that come alongside us to sew and make kits, but we couldn’t provide the multitude of monthly kits without our volunteers that come to every team meeting: Dwayne, Kayden, Nick, Tammy, Mattie, Olivia, Heather, Dame, Kayla Peggy, Peggy, Susan, Fran, Wilma and Leslee.
This side of the website is for our missionaries! Everything we do is for YOU. We have many donors that allow us the ability to offer you so many products to take with you on your trips for those you are serving! Our merchandise can even help missionaries that are leading local outreaches!
We ship anywhere within the United States for you to transport through your teams.
Click on Mission’s-Minded to learn about the team serving you, the Medical Supplies and Kits & Programs we offer.
Choose the link to Your Resource Center to find a multitude of resource links.
Natural Home Remedies gives you recipes from your garden or kitchen cupboards.
Media 4 Missionaries provides your technological products available to you.
As always, we love hearing from you! If you have a need, a suggestion or an idea that would enhance the products we offer please let us know. We appreciate your email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Eden’s Song provides medical supplies in the form of wound care, clinical needs and some hospital requests. We ship to large place like Medical Teams Intl, Global Health, ORU & Victory Outreach as well as traveling medical teams and clinics such as Show Mercy Intl. Just email us a list of needs, how much you can carry over and we will ship whatever we have to you. 
Hydrating Humanity is a humanitarian organization whose core mission is to address the water crisis and to see the world’s poorest areas realize lasting transformation at every level; economically, socially, spiritually
​and in physical health. We believe the most impactful spearhead into these communities is water projects and hygiene education. We are compelled by the love of Christ to end the water crisis by developing projects that will provide safe clean drinking water for people who do not have access to it. Improved water quality and hygiene training empower our vision to eradicate the water-borne disease crisis, save lives, love people, build relationships and partner with others for lasting sustainability.

Improving the quality of drinking water in schools means that children will be able to attend school regularly. Waterborne disease is the number one reason for missed classes. Having a presence in the schools allows our hygiene curriculum to be taught regularly insuring that all of the children in this region are reached simultaneously. To change a culture, all we have to do is reach the children. Our long-term plan is to help provide safe water for people of all ages in Kuria, and that begins with improving the water quality in the schools. The vision has never been clearer. You can find even more great information on their website at
Pat was born in Eritrea, formerly Ethiopia, Pat has Africa in his blood and is very much at home there connecting with the culture in meaningful ways. Pat successfully trained a capable staff of indigenous workers at a local village level - Water Technicians, Social Workers and Hygiene Teachers. A former pastor and evangelist at heart his motivation for water projects is contagious, "It is so easy to share the love of Christ with a culture who has just received such an awesome gift." Pat and his wife Grace currently live in Kenya where they have created strategic alliances with government departments and with government officials in the Ministries of Water, Health, Education and Labor in both Kenya and Tanzania. Hydrating Humanity enjoys carte-blanche in our focus areas because of these carefully maintained relationships. Pat’s mantra: “Providing water wells in developing countries without teaching hygiene is irresponsible. We must do both, no matter how hard it is. No matter how long it takes.” You can contact Pat by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Grace loves to teach and spends much of her time training hygiene in schools and shelters.

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