In searching for available resources for Greenhouses we found a program the Seminis is offering.  Check back with us as we communicate more information soon.  An article outlining their vision is below. 

Seminis is answering East African farmers’ call for help by finding a solution.  Here’s how it works: Kenya farmers who have an available 240 square meters of land are funded with $1,700 to install greenhouses and drip irrigation. The farmers’ contribution to the project is concrete and labor. Then, Seminis provides growers with seeds—a variety called ANNA—fertilizers, chemicals and technical backup. Seminis provides education on growing practices at field days to farmers.

EMEA Vice President Dieter Holtz estimates that farmers in East Africa increase their returns by about 500 percent through this project.

“On 240 square meters, farmers can bring in 10 times more yield than on open-field and open-pollinated (OP) varieties, and the growing window expands to the rainy season, where prices for fresh tomatoes in the market increase three-fold,” he explains. Holtz also says there’s an environmental benefit. “Besides increasing yields and gaining year-round supply, less water is used through drip irrigation and less chemicals due to the controlled environments.”

In addition to the business benefit, participants also have a humanitarian goal in mind. “We hope we can change the tomato market in Kenya and other African countries, drastically increasing the standard of living of farmers and playing an important role in improving the diet of the population,” Holtz says.

 Another GREAT Option that we have successfully used is Haygrove Tunnels offering a more expensive option with excellent customer service.  The Haygrove Multi-Bay Tunnel System was founded with a hope to provide continuity of production over a secure long season and an aim to develop a many faceted tunnel system.  Much more information can be found on their website by clicking on their link found here.
Here are some pictures of the tunnel system at work in Bungoma, Kenya -

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