Sun Powered Water Well

Africa Needs CDC’s Engineering Team has developed and designed a water delivery project that will provide the developing nations much needed access to clean water. The system is defined as the Sun-powered Water Well; it uses the number one energy provider, the sun, to be able deliver the ground water to the people. The above diagram consists of a solar pump that is at least 20 - 50 feet above the groundwater level and elevation tank. The solar pump uses the suns energy and pumps the ground water an estimated head of 62 feet with an efficiency that is above 80 percent. After the water goes through the suction and discharge pipes, it will end up in the elevation tank. There are controlled systems placed inside the inlet and outlet pipe in order to control the flow rate. After the controlled system that is placed inside the outlet pipe is opened, the water will travel downward due to potential energy that is created by the gravitational force and atmospheric pressure. Finally, the residents who reside in villages or small towns can drink clean water using the faucet. According to the Africa Needs Engineers who designed the above diagram and according project, the system is designed for a town or a village that has an estimated population between 1,000 to 10,000 people. We have used data that estimates a rural population in a developing nation will use 20 gallons of water per capita daily unlike the developed nations which use 200 gallons per capita daily. The Sun-powered Water Well is an efficient way to deliver clean, drinkable water to the villagers.

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