Solar Lighting

Nokero (short for No Kerosene) was formed in June 2010 by inventor Steve Katsaros to develop safe and environmentally-friendly solar products that eliminate the need for harmful and polluting fuels used for light and heat around the world, and most importantly, are affordable to the communities that need them.

Nokero bulbs are an all-in-one solar system that is already completely and successfully replace kerosene lamps and paraffin candles in places all around the world. Best of all, our lighting products are more economical than any other lights of their kind.

A Nokero light charges by day and brings hours of light each night. Nokero products original designs utilize the best technology available.

  • Bulb shape makes it easily identifiable – anyone can use it
  • Pivot technology allows for maximum efficiency - the solar panel can pivot toward the sun to increase insolation rates
  • The most affordable solar light of its kind
  • Quality design and construction
  • The best commercially available solar panels
  • High-temperature battery works efficiently in all climates

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