Stock and Ship

ESM strives to support your ministry trips by shipping you product from our constantly replenished stock of hospital & clinical supplies, wound care and birthing kits.

Blessing you guys tons!!  The last boxes have gone to. Ministry in Ethiopia to the Jews there. (:-) Iris Ministries

Thank you for that box of clinic supplies!  We blessed a fellow ministry with this, a work in Mexico that drives supplies down regularly — they were DELIGHTED to receive and deploy that nice large box you had sent!  Bethel Church 

Heading to Uganda on Monday with a bag full of medical supplies your ministry sent. We will be taking it to the pediatric cancer hospital! HUGS!!!  Lori - SMI

 I am looking through all the great things you sent me and just cried (I actually had time now to really look at them - now that the medical camp is done :) so blessed that you would remember me this way. Iris India

 "One of the boxes (of medical & surgical supplies) I gave to a flight nurse who does missions in Nicaragua and she in turn gives it to a doctor who goes to Papua New Guinea."  Bethel - we are thrilled to know people are being touched that we could never physically get to! 

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