Changing the legacy of future generations... Our hearts cry out for the plight of the children.  Disease and war have left so many abandoned, therefore Eden’s Song supports 3 projects and orphanages to promote the education and welfare of these children.  One of our most pressing needs is to get sponsorships for the education of these children and the basic needs that are unable to be met.  Through your partnership with us we will provide life-changing support.


For our partner in Uganda at Hope Children's Home and attending the Alpha and Omega primary school on the same property, your sponsorship provides the children with an education, uniforms and materials needed for school, as well as a hot meal for lunch. For some of the children attending, this is their only decent meal of the day. It is very difficult to see the children who are not sponsored watch as their friends are receiving these meals for their lunch. There are approximately 70 kids that are still in need of this most important child sponsorship.  For $35 per month you are able to help one of these children eat daily.  Once you choose to sponsor a child, you will receive a picture, a bio and the pleasure of communicating with your ‘adopted’ child.  

For our Partner Bungoma Children's Home in Bungoma, Kenya your sponsorship provides a child complete care for $70.00 per month.  Complete care includes housing, food, clothes, educational needs including fees and uniforms.  Housing over 35 children, Pastor Justus and his leaders also daily feed between 40-65 boys that live on the streets and otherwise would be taken by drug dealers or criminals.  The home is run by a married couple who take care of the children's welfare and send them to a local school each day.  They have well water and electricity.  The children are taught the gospel by the Bungoma Bible school students and they learn how to read & write as they get to know Jesus.  You may choose to provide the full care at $70 per month or partial care at $35 per month which will be applied toward education or housing as needed.  For each 'adoption' you will receive a picture, a bio and the opportunity to help a child experience his or her next meal.

For our Partner New Hope Children's Village in  Bahir Dar, Ethiopia your sponsorship provides a child housing, food, clothes, educational fees and a housemother for $35.00 per month as well as security and a safe place to eat, play and lay their heads at night.
Your sponsorship provides each child with hope for a future and will help stop the trafficking of young girls and boys who are sold or forced into prostitution or in poor working conditions with long hours and little or no pay.



The Kids for School Project, more affectionately referred to as Goats and Uniforms, provides female breeding goats and uniforms to orphans and vulnerable children throughout rural Kenya . Although primary education is free in Kenya , many orphaned children, generally raised by an elderly grandmother, never have the opportunity to attend school because they cannot afford a school uniform.  For $70, you can supply a child with a complete uniform, as well as a milking goat purchased from local Kenyan sources. The milking goat provides the orphan’s guardian family added nutrition, and the child is taught goat husbandry.  Through this provision, the child brings an asset to the guardian family rather than an added burden. The cycle continues when the first kid goat is passed on by community designated leaders to another orphan who is also given a uniform and a chance at an education. The goal is that each child has a small herd of goats by eighth grade. This herd then provides the income necessary for secondary education or the means to begin an adult life.
$25 provides a replacement goat.  Famine and drought often take the lives of the goats but they can be replaced for this small amount.



Freedom For Girls Project (Africa HEART), girls are provided with undergarments, sanitary napkins and hygiene education. During every distribution, the girls received a health education session including the menstrual cycle, personal hygiene, HIV prevention education as well as a demonstration of how to use the sanitary towels and dispose of them properly. If not for this program’s assistance, many girls would be absent up to five days of school a month due to lack of protection during their monthly cycle.   $5 provides for a year's worth of sanitary napkins!



All Sponsorship requires a 1-year commitment.
Kids for School & Freedom for Girls are a one-time donation.


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